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What Ofsted say about us


We were inspected by Ofsted in September 2022 and are proud to have been awarded Good in all aspects of our care and education.

These are some of the comments that the inspector made about our nursery.


"Children are happy and thoroughly enjoy their time at this nurturing setting. Staff greet children, parents and visitors with a warm welcome. Children take part in the interesting and well-planned activities and resources available."


"Younger children delight as they join in with staff's singing and enjoy watching the actions that accompany the songs. Babies confidently explore making marks in sand as they pat, rub and sweep their hands across the play space."


"Children make progress with their mathematical understanding and literacy skills. Older children correctly identify the sounds they can hear at the start of words and make simple calculations. Staff provide younger children with good mathematical models as they play. Younger children eagerly experiment with making marks. They enjoy handling books and listening to stories."


"Overall, gaps in children's learning are identified and children make good progress. Careful consideration is given to how additional funding is spent, to ensure it has the biggest impact on children's learning. Children with special educational needs and/or disabilities also make good progress, through effective interventions. However, children's individuality and heritage are not reflected as well throughout the curriculum to help children reflect on their differences and understand what makes them unique."


"Staff place a strong emphasis on helping children to develop their confidence and well-being. They carefully plan children's moves to new rooms and their eventual move to school. They share information about children's backgrounds and their learning and development. However, on occasions, staff do not successfully support children in moving between activities and in routines. This means that children sometimes become restless and disengaged as they wait for the next activity or routine to begin."


"Leaders support staff through regular supervision sessions where they identify any training needs. Leaders work with staff to put in place new ideas and identify future developments. This helps to ensure continuous improvements and a high-quality service for children and families."


Our full inspection report can be found at 50198060 (ofsted.gov.uk)