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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm looking for a nursery place, what should I do?

When looking for a nursery place, we suggest emailing us to arrange a time to come and look around our nursery and to enquire about our availability. 


How soon should I book my baby into nursery?

It's never too soon!

To secure a nursery place for your desired days we find that a lot of parents register with us to book their baby in whilst they are pregnant, often in the early stages. This ensures that they are able to book the nursery days that they will require and avoids disappointment if spaces are not available


How do I apply for a nursery place?

After we have discussed availability and when you would like your child to start at Burley Nursery School, we will send you a few forms to fill out via DocuSign. 

To reserve a place we ask for a £100 deposit per day that you would like to secure, so if you book 3 days a week this would be a £300 deposit. The deposit would then be deducted from your invoice when starting at nursery for the registered sessions from the date agreed. 


Do you offer settling in sessions?

We usually aim to begin settling in sessions 2-3 weeks before your little one is due to start at nursery. The first session is around 30-40 minutes and we gradually build the sessions up, all of our settling in sessions are free. Every child settles differently so we don't have a set amount of settling in sessions.


Can my child attend for just one day a week?

Yes, they certainly can.

In our experience we have found that it can take children longer to settle in when they are only here once a week however all children are different and we have had many children that have taken it in their stride.


What are your opening hours?

We’re open from 8:00am to 6:00pm, Monday to Friday, all year round, closing only on bank holidays plus five days over the Christmas period. We offer a limited number of term-time places as well as an early-start option from 7:45am.


Are all staff first aid trained?

Keeping every child safe and well is our priority, this is why all of our team are fully trained in paediatric first aid.


What activities do you provide?

Every day is packed full of different engaging and educational play based experiences. We plan activities and experiences based around the children's interests, we find that by doing so children have deeper levels of engagement during these.


What type of meals and snacks do you provide?

Children enjoy up to three meals during their nursery day with us, depending on when they arrive and depart. Drinks and healthy snacks are also served mid morning and mid afternoon, and older children are encouraged to help themselves from low-level refreshment tables. We also support and meet the different dietary requirements that children may have. We have spring/summer and autumn/winter menus that are carefully planed by our nursery chef to ensure we provide a variety of nutritionally balanced meals.

Sample menu: 

Breakfast- Selection of cereals and toast

Snack- Breadsticks, melon and banana

Lunch- Fish in parsley sauce s/w new potatoes and peas

           Homemade lemon cake

Snack- Ricecakes and cream cheese, apple and orange

Tea-    Tomato pasta salad

           Funfetti yoghurt pops


What are our ratios of staff to children?

  • Under 2 the ratios are 1:3
  • 2 year olds 1:4
  • 3 and over 1:8