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Policies and Procedures


Some key information from our policy and procedure documents is included below.


Safeguarding Children Policy

At Burley Nursery School we are committed to developing an ongoing child protection culture throughout which we acknowledge our duty to safeguard and promote the welfare of children.

 There are two aspects that we use to do this, they are:

  • Taking all reasonable measures to ensure that risks of harm to children’s welfare are minimised.
  • Taking all appropriate actions to address concerns about the welfare of a child or children whilst working with this policy and in partnership with local agencies.     

All staff members hold enhanced Criminal Records Bureau disclosures; we abide by Ofsted requirements in respect of references and police checks for all staff members and volunteers, to ensure that no disqualified person or unfit person works at the nursery or has access to children. 


Equal opportunities/admission policy

Burley Nursery School is committed to promoting equality of opportunity in all aspects of

It’s management, organisation and day-to-day working practices. All children in our care, and their families, are treated with equal respect.

We will keep a list of the names of children whose parents have returned a completed application form. This information will be used to allocate places as fairly as possible, with priority given to families who already have a child enrolled with us.


Children with additional needs

At Burley Nursery School we welcome all children and their families, all who have differing needs. 

Some children may have speech, sight or hearing difficulties, they may have mobility problems or their particular needs may include needing different routines, equipment or dietary requirements.

If you have a child with additional needs, we will work closely with you and any other health and educational professionals to provide the high standard of care and education that your child deserves.

If you would like more detailed information, please speak to our nursery manager or Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinator. 


Arrival/departure policy

We will warmly welcome your child on arrival. You will pass the care of your child over to one of our team members, who will then ensure their safety and record their attendance on the register and they are signed in on eylog. Under no circumstances will your child be allowed to leave our premises unless it is with a previously identified, authorised person agreed at the time of arrival. A member of staff will always acknowledge the departure of your child, and the register will be marked to show that they have left the premises. Access to each nursery room is via their own entrance. We use an app based doorbell notification system for all parents and carers to use when dropping off and collecting children.


Health & safety

We maintain a clean, safe and healthy environment for all children, employees and visitors. The allocation of duties for safety matters and particular arrangements are laid out in our full policy. All team members understand our fire evacuation procedures, and regular drills are carried out. Risk assessments are recorded and ongoing daily assessments are made by all members of staff. We do all that we can to support children who become ill while attending nursery; you will be asked to supply a range of contact numbers so that you can be contacted quickly.

On enrollment, you will be required to sign a parental undertaking which permits us to act in loco parentis in the event that we are unable to contact you concerning an urgent medical need or hospital attendance.

If your child needs any medication during their time at nursery, you will be required to sign the medicine book in your child’s room before any medication can be given. A record of any accident will also be logged in our accident book. You will be informed of this and required to sign the report.


Behaviour policy

Our objective is to provide a setting where each child feels accepted, valued and secure. We want to ensure that all children feel happy and grow in confidence, whatever their needs, and encourage all children to develop friendly and helpful behaviour.

Children learn respect through interaction with caring adults who show them respect and value their individual personalities. Positive, caring and polite behaviour will be encouraged and praised at all times, and we foster an environment in which children learn to respect themselves, other people and their surroundings.